Thiocell Glutathione Lozenges

Thiocell is unique in the market place because it provides Glutathione with its synergistic antioxidant partners in a delicious grape flavor lozenge. This method of administration by the buccal mucosa allows for the Glutathione to be transported via the systemic circulation to all organs of the body and exert its beneficial effects on reducing damage by free radicals and increasing the synthesis of clear melanin in the skin cells to promote its whitening effects.

Developed by Dr. Theodore Hersh, an American scientist, Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Hersh is a world re-known, national and international clinician. Dr. Hersh has been granted over 20 patents for the development of Glutathione/Selenium products and its synergistic partners.

Thiocell was developed as an ideal antioxidant formulation since it replicates the body’s own cellular antioxidants and its main attributes include:

  • The actions of Glutathione are enhanced by Selenomethionine which increases the function of antioxidant enzymes, allowing glutathione rapid neutralization of toxic free radicals and recycling spent Vitamins C and E. Thiocell also contains Vitamin D and Grapeseed Extract for their well known clinical benefits.
  • In Thiocell, Glutathione is absorbed by the cells in the oral cavity, ensuring faster onset of action The Optimal levels of Glutathione in the body, reduces damage oxidative stress, which is the cause of many diseases.

Various research studies have revealed the benefits of Thiocell formulation as an important antioxidant and skin whitener.

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