Double Eyelid Enhancement

Eyelid tape is definitely one of the most popular Asian beauty gadgets and have long been a holy grail for many girls. They are basically clear medical tapes used to create a “double eyelid” and to make your eyes appear rounder and larger.

Who Can Use Eyelid Tape
 * Those with a small crease 
* Those with a crease 
* Those with droopy eyelids
* Those with uneven creases
How To Use Eyelid Tape 
1. Make sure your eye area is clean and makeup-free. If you want to wear eye makeup, do so after you put on the tape. 
2. Based on the curve and length of your shape, cut out a thin strip. Make sure the tape is slightly shorter than the length of your eye so it does not stick out on both ends. 
3. Look into the mirror and figure out where your natural crease is. 
4. Close your eyes and apply the tape. 
5. Open your eyes and blink a few times. If you do not see the tape, good job you did it! Now here comes the question everyone is dying to ask – can I still wear eye makeup with eyelid tape on? Of course you can! In fact, I highly suggest that you do to help cover up the tape. 

Below are a few tips that would help: 
1) Eyeliner along your upper lashline is a must. It will help hide the tape and make your eyes look bigger. 
2) If you are worried about the tape showing or have trouble hiding it, try to focus more on your lashes by wearing falsies. 
3) When choosing the tape, pick one that is non-reflective, transparent and smooth. That way, your eye makeup will go on a lot easier too.
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