Dk Active White

Each bottle contains 50 capsules, 500mg each

Active White is refined from natural plant essence using advance extraction technology. It contains skin whitening component and rich in vitamins that:

- Eliminates free radicals in the body
- Protect skin from harmful UV rays
- Inhibits melanin formation
- Promotes cell regeneration
- Improve skin quality and prevent skin ageing
- Maintains skin moisture
- Accelerate metabolism
- Help breast development
- Increase the synthesis of collagen that enhance skin elasticity
- Decompose and eliminate toxic substance
- Improve endocrine system
- Whitens skin

DK Active White Soft Capsule use essence of green plants thats mild and moisturizing instead of purging. No side effects and do not upset stomach. Long term use makes skin white, smooth, elastic, and moisturize. Look and feel younger.
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