6 bottles Easiness Beauty Slimming Capsules, 30 caps

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30 capsules / bottle

Qingzimei weight-reducing capsule prevails all around the world with its specialized weight-reducing quality. It can reduce weight and keep fit within a short time by eliminating surplus fat. After one period of treatment, it can reduce your weight by 8-15 kilograms and rebuild a perfect figure. This product, under the supervision of the New Strength Biological Research Center of U.S.A., has undergone a rigorous test by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and sells well in America and Europe with guaranteed quality.

Main components:
ginseng, snow lotus flower, pearl, glossy ganoderma, tea plain, lotus leaf.

Main Function:
Reduce weight and lower the fat of blood, recuperate the stomach, clear up surplus fat, dispel dark sore, constipation, eliminate the poison, nurture the skin and keep fit.

Suitable for: overweight people with spots and coarse skin and suffer from repeated failure in weight-reducing.
Use and Dosage: Take 1-2 capsules every day.

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