2 boxes Pearl Whitening Detoxifying Express Slimming Capsules

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Extra Pearl Whitening Detoxifying Capsule
Express Slim Capsule From Japan WHITE + FIT
400mg x 30 capsules

Main Characteristics:
1. Safely and rapidly reduce fat; reduce fat 5-10 kilograms in a month
2. Comply with the five main standards of reducing fat proposed by WHO (World Health Organization) with no anorexia, No rebound, safety, free from side effects
3. It has detoxifying, beautifying, whitening effects while reducing fat.
4. Target reducing fat, especially reducing fat on waist, abdomen, arm, thigh, redundant fat.
5. Prevent constipation, reduce toxin in the body, and improve body immunity function.

Main Ingredients: Bird’s Nest, pearl, ganoderma lucidum, semen cassias, ginseng, vitamin B1, B2, iron, zinc, calcium
Main Effects: Reducing Fat, Whitening and Beautifying.
Dosage: one capsule 2 x a day 30 minutes before meals. For maintenance, one capsule daily.
Application: Simplicity Fatness, Adolescence Fatness, post partum fatness, those who need to keep slender.
Inapplicable: pregnant and lactating women, children and people with serious diseases.

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