2 boxes Ballerina Anti Obesity/Slimming Capsules in Box, 400mgx20 cap

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Slim down in 7 days without the diarrhea. Ballerina Anti-obesity capsules are made of five traditional Chinese herbs, which have been carefully selected and processed by the use of modern techniques to ensure maximum quality, effectiveness and safety. Ballerina reduces body fat, clears away toxins and improves skin texture.

Active ingredients: ginseng, medlar, polyphenol, lotus leaf, hawthorn fruit
Dosage: one capsule 2 to 3 x a day, 30 minutes before meals. Drink plenty of water and increase intake of fruits and vegetables
Indications: for obesity, concentrates elimination of fats in the arms, abdomen, buttocks and hips
Contraindications: not suitable for pregnant women & children


Description on Bangli Anti-Counterfeit
1. Thus anti-counterfeit trademark applies high definition lattice digital plate, and the external circle of the whole trademark composes of extremely tiny light spots and stripes which are very difficult to imitate. The middle applies true color figure plate with clear image, and is one and only.
2. This anti-counterfeit trade mark applies the latest “lase unique shape cutting + laser convex embossing technology”, and thee is a 6-digit identification code on right top of the every trade mark which is uneven after touching with fingers, every box of products has one identification number which wont be reduplicated absolutely. (shown in Picture 1)
3. Remove the anti-counterfeit trademark, there leaves the shading and hollow out words with laser effect (shown in Picture 2)

*** The Bangli Anti-Counterfeit should be located inside the packaging and NOT on the plastic wrapping the box or tin can of the product. Because there are attempts to imitate this anti-counterfeit sticker and the sticker is just placed on the product wrapper.

*** The product should have the The Paper with ?Description on Bangli Anti-Counterfeit? inside.

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