1 box UK Green Peeling oil, 20ml

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UK Derm Green Peeling Oil, 20ml

Anti Acne, Anti Wrinkles and Skin Whitening

UK Derm Green Peeling oil solution provides skin whitening, minimizing skin pores and accelerates cell turn-over.  Contains Vitamin A to remove Acne, freckles and age spots. Also effective for wrinkles and skin blemishes.  The result will be clearer, younger, and fair skin complexion.

Directions for use:

Apply thinly on affected areas once a day.


Avoid contact with the eyes, mouth, mucous and open wounds. Do not apply on thinner body parts where there are constant friction like the armpit. Children and pregnant women should not use this product.   Apply sunblock for sun protection. If redness or irritation occurs, discontinue usage for a couple of days until the skin heals or apply unscented emolient.  Then re-apply the product.


Use Ansina Sunblock moisturizing cream for sun protection.

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