1 box Triple JJJ Milk Whitening Peeling cream for whole body, 100g

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JJJ Milk Whitening Peeling Cream

Removes dead skin and dirt.

Smoothens and whitens the skin.

It contains milk essence, Vitamin C & E, Lemon Fiber, Lactic acid.

Softens and gets rid of the corneal layer on the skin
Prevents rough skin caused by dead corneal layer
Cleanses the dirt and blackheads from deep seated pores in our face and body
Removes freckles, melanin, and acne
Mild for the skin , easy to use

Rub it gently on your face or other part of the body in circular motion. You may apply on wet or dry skin, depending on your preference (we recommend applying on dry skin). In 30 seconds or less, you will see the dirt and dead skin being rubbed off your body. AMAZING!

Preferably used for hands, elbows, knees,and whole body where there is rough and dead skin.

Sanli International Cosmetic Group Co., Hongkong

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  1. IT WORKED!!

    Posted by cutieme 3 years ago

    When u apply it it is cold and you feel nothing then when i spread it i was amazed because it really removed my dead skin .. after it you will feel sticky feeling

Showing reviews 1 - 1 of 1